Easy to use form builder

Formable's easy to use form builder allows you to create the form you want. Choose validation for fields, and tell which fields are mandatory.

You can choose a layout for your form fields and labels. The way submission errors are displayed can also be configured.

Example form editing

Embed forms on your website

With just a simple snippet of HTML, you can include the form you created on your website.

This form also contains the necessary styling and automatically gets validated before submission. No extra coding required!

Embedding is easy!

Inbox for your submissions

All submissions of your forms will end up in Formable's custom inbox. Here you can get more in-depth information into the person who sent the message.

Apart from Formable's inbox, you will also receive all submissions in your email inbox of choice. You can even set multiple email addresses per each form!

Contact details in inbox

Secure and validated forms

Forms get automatically validated and are sent securely to our servers. You can choose to turn off validation and implement your own.

We're constantly improving our forms to protect you from spam.

Formable allows for a clean and safe way of communication.

Secure and validated forms
Excited to give it a try?

Excited to give it a try?

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